Cameras utilized in tiger surveying stolen

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7 Dec, Nawalpur. Automatic tracking cameras used in the National Tiger Survey have been stolen. According to Chitwan National Park, five cameras kept for tiger survey in Cluster No. 1 under Chitwan Parsa Complex have been stolen.

Five cameras have been stolen from various places in the park for the National Tiger Survey 2078, which started on November 6. According to the park, four cameras were stolen in Nawalparasi (east of Bardaghat-Sustapura) and one in Chitwan.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Chief Conservation Officer of the park Haribhadra Acharya said that four cameras were missing in Kawasoti of Nawalparasi and one in Kalika Municipality area of ​​Chitwan.

Chitwan National Park has installed automatic trapping cameras in the western part of the park for counting tigers. The Chitwan National Park and Parsa National Park have been divided into three clusters. Acharya informed that the park, intermediate, community forest and national forest have been grided for the tiger survey.

Acharya said that the park has a pair of automatic cameras for counting tigers in every four square kilometers. He said the automatic trapping camera used for the tiger survey would not be used for any other purpose. Saying that the camera was lost on the third day of the connection, Acharya said that it was the responsibility of everyone to protect the camera.

For the tiger survey, the park has placed cameras at a height of 45 cm to 60 cm from the ground. The same tiger has been captured on two sides of the road by two cameras at the tiger survey area. Chief Conservation Officer Acharya said that the tigers would be counted on the basis of the tigers on their backs.

Chief Conservation Officer Acharya said that it would take about three months to survey the tigers at the Chitwan-Parsa complex.

A team of eight including enumerators and technicians has been mobilized in one campus. According to the latest tiger survey, there are 93 tigers in Chitwan National Park.

Nepal had committed to increase the number of tigers to 250 in 2010 at the International Conference of Tiger Found countries held in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to the tiger survey conducted in 2018, the number of tigers in Nepal has reached 235.


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