Crouton-UML within the grip of controversy Parliament: What’s going to be the assembly level?

Kathmandu, Dec. 22: The parliament has not been able to function smoothly due to the continuous obstruction of the main opposition party, the CPN-UML. Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota is running the parliament ‘forcibly’ amid the slogans of UML lawmakers in the parliament meeting.

Although the main opposition should have a constructive role in the parliament, the UML has presented itself aggressively in the parliament. Due to which, slogans are regularly chanted against the Speaker in the Parliament.

UML has accused the speaker of not behaving equally. UML is especially angry with Speaker Sapkota for not posting information about the MPs who were taken action by his party and for splitting his party due to that.

However, Speaker Sapkota has been saying that there is no mistake on his part and the issue under consideration in the court should not be debated in the parliament.

Since the first sitting of the 9th session of the House of Representatives on September 8, the main opposition parties have been continuously obstructing the parliament. The 10th session of the House of Representatives is currently underway and the UML is also obstructing it.

UML, angry that the speaker did not post the information, has asked to address its demands even now and is protesting saying that it is present in the parliament meeting where it has taken action.

On April 10, the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli asked some of the UML MPs who were absent during the vote of confidence to explain.

Though an explanation was sought, no action was taken but no other decision was taken.

He had expelled 14 people from the party on the basis of earlier explanations amid fears that the ordinance would be brought to ease the party split. In the notice of eviction registered in the Parliament Secretariat on August 20, it was mentioned that they were expelled on July 10.

Even after the ordinance was issued, the UML had taken such a measure to ensure that the party split would not be easy. Although the Speaker had to post the information registered with the Secretariat, he did not issue any order for that. The ordinance recommended on September 1 was issued on September 2. And on August 26, the UML split.

The UML split under the leadership of Madhav Nepal and formed the CPN (Unified Socialist Party). Which is now in the ruling coalition. The UML has been saying that the party was formed with the participation of the lawmakers who were already expelled from its party.

It is not that Speaker Sapkota did not convene an all-party meeting after the clash erupted in the parliament session, but UML has been boycotting the meeting saying that it will not attend the meeting attended by the lawmakers and the Unified Socialists.

He has been refusing to attend the all-party meeting convened by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and not only by the Speaker. Speaker Sapkota, on the other hand, has been saying that he has decided according to the prevailing law and a case is pending in the court on the issue.

I have decided on the issues raised by the main opposition in the meeting on the basis of the provisions of the prevailing law. The matter is currently under consideration in the esteemed Supreme Court. Also, I would like to inform that Article 105 of the Constitution of Nepal prohibits discussion in any House of the Federal Parliament on the issues pending in the court. Similarly, I am confident that the people here are aware of the provisions of clauses B, C and D of Rule 21 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives 2075 ‘, he said.

UML president KP Oli has been warning them not to move forward by bias. The UML’s attitude of not accepting the Unified Socialists as a party has raised the question of when the federal parliament will function smoothly.

Speaker UML should find a meeting point for the smooth running of the disputed parliament, but the Prime Minister has not given any concrete initiative for that and the sovereign parliament has not been able to play a concrete role in it. News factory


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