Engineer Bhagwan Jha awarded ‘Mithila Ratna’ medal

Kathmandu, Jan. 7 The International Maithili Conference has honored social worker Bhagwan Jha with the ‘Mithila Ratna’ medal. On the occasion of Maithili Rights Day, Jha was honored with the medal for his significant contribution in the preservation and promotion of Mithila culture at the two-day International Maithili Conference held from December 22 to December 23.

After being honored, Jha said that he has worked selflessly for the protection and promotion of Mithila culture for a long time. He said, “It is a matter of happiness for Nepal and Nepalis to get this kind of international respect. I am confident that this will inspire me to work more actively for the protection of Mithila culture in the days to come. “

He said that the self-respect of the conference has confirmed that any work done by a selfless person will be properly evaluated from somewhere. Jha Maithil is also the President of Brahman Mahasabha, Nepal. The organizing committee is also proud to honor Jha with the medal.


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