Illicit Ratan Bahadur Lamichhane Award to Prison and Pokhrel

Kathmandu, Jan. 7 This year’s Captain Ratan Bahadur Lamichhane Award 2078 has been given to senior writer Ganga Ligal and journalist Kamal Mani Pokhrel. Pragya member of Nepal Pragya Pratishthan and senior writer P.D. Usha Thakur presented the award in the middle of a ceremony.

He was honored with the award on the occasion of the release ceremony of the collection of poems Zindagi Ek Yatra written by lyricist and poet Sapna Lamichhane Deuja. According to program coordinator Deepak Bhetuwal (Deepsagar), Captain Ratan Bahadur Lamichhane has been honored with the Captain Ratan Bahadur Lamichhane Distinguished Literary Award for his significant contribution in the development of Nepali literature. Pokhrel is a journalist working as a news coordinator for Prime Television.

In the program organized in the conference room of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, the senior member of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, senior writer P.D. Thakur and senior writer Prof. Dinesh Raj Pant also jointly released a collection of poems titled “Life is a Journey of Poet Sapna Lamichhane Deuja”.

Thakur praised Deuja’s poetry, saying that it covers every aspect of human life. Similarly, Dinesh Raj Pant, a learned member of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, also reviewed the collection of poems saying that it would be useful for all. He wished success to the book, stating that the poet has succeeded in translating various aspects of human and social life into poetry in a very strong manner.

Literary writer Hari Prasad Pandey, Jaleshwari Shrestha, singer Anand Karki and others participated in the program chaired by writer Sushila Deuja. He had his own opinion about the poems and writers included in the book written by the poet and lyricist Lamichhane. Karki provided entertainment by singing songs

Zindagi Ek Yatra was published and the program was coordinated by Suchak Prakashan. Poets including Radha Karki, Tara Dahal, Sanat Kumar Acharya and Ryan Raj Khanal recited poems included in the book.

Chairman of Suchak Prakashan Deepak Bhetwal Dipsagar expressed his commitment to always be active in the protection and expansion of literature.


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