Is not the Omicron variant unfold within?

A picture of Nepal-India border

7 Mansir, Kathmandu. Another new variant of Kovid-19 has been confirmed to be infected with Omicron in Nepal. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, the 58-year-old man was diagnosed with the Omicron variant.

The ministry first confirmed the omikron infection in two people on December 19. The corona was tested on November 19 after he was diagnosed with a health problem. Gene sequencing was confirmed after the infection was confirmed to be an Omicron variant.

The men are not recent visitors to the area where the Omicron virus has spread. But for the first time in Nepal, Omicron has been found to be in contact with people, according to a senior source in the Ministry of Health. “The infected people were staying at the hotel, it is estimated that they have moved there,” said a senior official. According to him, the family members of the man and some of the people in contact with him are being traced.

As soon as the third infected person is found, the question arises as to whether the infection of Omicron has spread or not. In the absence of adequate testing, it is difficult to confirm whether the Omicron variant has spread. Sher Bahadur explains again.

The director of the National Public Health Laboratory, Dr. According to Runa Jha, most of the positive specimens coming from Kathmandu Valley for testing are being screened for ‘S gene’. In that process, ‘S gene’ was seen negative in three of them.

Omicron variants have been confirmed in three samples of ‘S gene’ negative during gene sequencing. But samples tested in labs outside the Valley rarely come to the National Public Health Laboratory for testing. According to public health experts, the biggest threat to Omicron is at the Nepal-India border.

But people from India only get antigen tests, which cannot detect omikron variants. Dr. He says, ‘Omicron can be detected by testing the PCR of people coming from India to identify the’ S gene ‘. There is a possibility of spreading the infection without testing at the checkpoint.

Public health expert Dr. Baburam Marasini also emphasizes the need to test all those from Indian states who have seen Omicron variants. “We have not been actively monitoring it, it has not been able to identify the Omicron variant,” he said.

Earlier, it was found in Nepal 46 days after it was found infected with Delta variant in India. Omicron seems to be in India and Nepal together. Omicron variants have been confirmed in 213 infected people in India so far.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Prabhat Adhikari explains. When the Delta variant reached a high point, it doubled in a week. However, Omicron is doubling in two days. The official told online news, “From this point of view, something can take shape in Nepal within two-three weeks.”

Let’s not repeat the mistakes we made earlier

Due to the open border between Nepal and India, human movement is easy. In the second wave, when the number of infected people in India started increasing, Nepalis started returning home. At that time, the government could not keep the quarantine, nor did it insist on a check. After the infection spread to the community, the hospitals could not support them. Even today, the government has not been able to increase the access of quarantine, testing and vaccination to passengers coming from India. Kedar Baral explains.

Experts say that the new variant will not be difficult to fight if the monitoring, institutional quarantine and access to vaccines can be increased. “Many of the survivors died in the second wave due to lack of oxygen, beds and manpower,” said one doctor. We have to prepare now. ‘


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