It’s tough for a school pupil to get out of the home on account of this scooter

What if your new car number is the cause of the crisis for you? What do you do if you have to be ashamed in front of people because of numbers? This is what happened to a college student in Delhi, the capital of India. The fictional name of the girl has been revealed as Priti and her real identity has not been revealed.

Priti hails from a middle class family in Delhi. Last month was her birthday and she asked her father for a scooter as a birthday present. The father also bought a scooter for his daughter by raising money from around. So far so good, but when the scooter was registered and its number was taken, then the crisis started. In particular, the number given to Priti by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) coincidentally became the word ‘se’ ‘x’.

It was a coincidence that the number plate of the vehicle was fixed. However, because of this number, the crisis started for Priti. On the way, people started making Preeti proud and embarrassed because of these words. Priti asked her father to change the number but it was not possible.

According to an RTO official in Delhi, it is now the turn of the X number in the vehicle number and 10,000 vehicles are numbered from this series. One letter is used to identify a two-wheeled vehicle, so this scooter number became like this. However, due to this number, it has become difficult for Priti to get out of the house on a scooter.

Priti wants to change this number, but there is a legal complication as to whether this is possible. Speaking to an Indian media, Commissioner of Delhi Transport KK Dahiya said, “Once a vehicle is given a number plate, there is no provision to change it. This whole process runs in a predetermined pattern. ‘


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