Lichchhavi inscriptions present in Patan Durbar space

Photo: Bung Bungmati from Facebook page

7 Dec, Kathmandu. Archaeological records have been found in the Patan Durbar area of ​​Lalitpur. Shyam Sundar Rajbanshi, a calligrapher, told online news that a 6-foot-tall Lichchavi-era inscription was found under a golden window in front of the Bhimsen temple while digging a ditch inside the premises. According to him, the records were found by a team of archaeologist Prakash Darnal. The records are kept in the same year as the records were kept in Gokarna Baluwa village.

According to Rajbanshi, an inscription of pre-medieval period was found on 29 September 2078 while digging a ditch. He said that the record was found inside the ground on December 20.

The inscriptions, which could not be easily read due to cement, are mentioned in Licchavi script and adult Sanskrit language. A total of 15 rows of inscriptions are engraved on the right and left of the audible deer and Dharmachakra is carved in the middle. The inscription is 85 cm long and 52 cm wide.

According to Rajbanshi, the name of Mahasamanta Anshu Varma is mentioned in the inscription. In it, Yograngram and in the last line, the phrase 536 Jyeshtha Mase Shukla Pakshe is clearly written. This inscription clearly states that King Vrishadeva built a monastery there.


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