Omicron showed in yet one more particular person in Nepal

7 Dec, Kathmandu.
Omicron has been confirmed in one more person in Nepal.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population Dr Sangita Kaushal Mishra said that Omikron was confirmed in the 98-year-old man. At a pre-briefing on the ministry’s corona on Wednesday, spokesperson Dr Mishra said the infected man was in isolation at home and contact tracing of those who came in contact with him was underway.

Of the 2,038 regular gene sequencing performed so far, 22 delta variants were found, one of which was an omikron variant. At the same time, Omicron variant has been confirmed in 3 people in Nepal. Ministry on December 6

The 66-year-old foreigner and the 71-year-old man he came in contact with were said to have seen the Omicron variant.


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