The younger guy had deliberate to promote himself for Rs 5.8 million however

You need money to live life. People earn money for the same life. But after being sold, you do not have the right to live as you wish. This may be the reason why this issue was raised. We have raised this issue because a 26-year-old Nigerian boy tried to sell himself.

Islamic police, known as Hisbaham, have arrested a man trying to sell himself for 20 million Nigerian rupees, or Rs 5.8 million. Aliyu Na Idris first made headlines in the national media in late October. At the time, he was seen walking down a street called Caro with a sale cardboard.

He wrote on the cardboard, “This man is for sale 200,000,000 n”. At that time he was working as a lister. For the first time, he tried to sell himself in a town called Kaduna. However, he did not succeed in selling himself. Later, citing poverty again, he tried to sell himself. He said that after the sale, he would give the money to his parents and keep the rest for his daily expenses.

“The decision to sell oneself is poverty,” Aliu said. “If I find someone to buy me, I will give 10 million slogans to my parents and 5 million slogans to the government as tax. I will give 2 million slogans to anyone who helps me find a buyer. I will keep the rest for daily expenses. ‘

The 26-year-old said he had found some people willing to buy him. He said that they did not agree on the amount of 20 million slogans alone. Sadly, he was unable to carry out his plan. As his will went viral, he was accused by Hisbah’s brigade of violating Islamic law.

“Yes, we arrested him on Tuesday and kept him with us overnight. What he did is forbidden in Islam. No one is allowed to sell themselves. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, “said Harun Ibn Sina, commander of Hisbah.

Her arrest has sparked outrage online. Many people have urged him to leave. Islamic police said it was unnecessary to arrest him. Instead, they are of the opinion that some advice should be given. Agency


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