Artist drawing mirrored image of Hanuman Dhoka on canvas

8 Dec, Kathmandu. At present, 25 artists are busy painting the heritage of Basantapur area with the aim of attracting the general public towards art.

For a week now, they have been painting in the Hanumandhoka area, which is inscribed on the World Heritage List, organized by the Hanumandhoka Durbar Museum Development Committee.

Kancha Kumar Karmacharya, Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kiran Manandhar, Former Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Grehendra Man Amatya, Govind Singh Dangol, Jeevan Rajopadhyay and other artists are participating in the painting workshop ‘Hanuman Dhoka Pratibimb on Canvas’ organized in collaboration with Saturday Art Workshop Group.

Each artist has to make at least two different paintings. One painting will be kept by the committee and the other artist will be able to use it himself. The artist has mainly painted Mulchowk, Trishul Chowk, Mohan Chowk and Jalashya Narayan.

Divesh Man Singh Pradhan, coordinator of the on-site workshop, informed that the Saturday group has been busy in painting the historical heritage every Saturday for the last four years.

According to Pradhan, the Saturday Art Workshop Group visits all the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley and sometimes the districts outside the Kathmandu Valley every Saturday to paint a picture of the heritage. Pradhan said that more than 2,000 pictures of the heritage alone have been taken in the last four years.

“There are a lot of themes in painting. There is still a lack of interest in painting among the younger generation. Historical heritage is not a priority, so we have started painting the heritage and putting it on display,” he said. It is said that a picture of the historical heritage of Basantur, which is currently being prepared, will be displayed in the exhibition for one month from December 27.

There will be about 50 paintings by 25 artists in that place. The group will not take any action for painting. The committee has provided the necessary materials for making the picture. It is said that the prepared pictures will be kept in the museum.

The workshop group has so far painted five of the seven World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. Pashupatinath is preparing to draw a picture.


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