Bhandari elected president of Development Marketers Affiliation Gorkha

8 Dec, Gorkha. Surya Bhandari has been elected as the president of Construction Entrepreneurs Association Gorkha. In the election held on Wednesday under the tenth convention of the association, Bhandari has won by defeating the candidate Hom Bahadur Baniya by 36 votes.

According to the Election Committee, Bhandari received 134 votes. His candidate Bania got 98 votes. Both had registered their candidacies along with the panel for the post of chairperson.

Bhandari had the support of UML and Janata Samajwadi Party near the UCPN (Maoist) center while Baniya had the support of RPP near the Congress.

Bhola Prasad Marhatta, Rajubabu Lamichhane, Kiran Babu Shrestha, Sabin Basnet, Devraj Gurung, Surendra Basnet, Dinesh Tamu, Binod Khanal, Dalman Gurung, Tara Bahadur Khadka and Deepak Thapa have been elected as members. There were 23 candidates for 11 members.


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