Board member Rishi Ram Dahal says, “Are you able to be a witch your self?”

Kathmandu: The action taken by the Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) against four players in the last one week has come under controversy. Not only CAN, the players and the supporters, but also the coalition government is watching the incident with great interest. The board meeting of CAN on 29 December had decided to keep captain Gyanendra Malla, vice-captain Dipendra Singh Airy, Kamal Singh Airy and Sompal Kami out of the central agreement for six months for violating the code of conduct and to remove captain Malla and vice-captain Airy. All four players have since urged Can to reconsider the action. Similarly, other players have expressed solidarity by supporting them. Controversy has started saying that Chairman Chatur Bahadur Chand has run the CAN in an arbitrary manner, committed financial irregularities and failed to fulfill his commitment. News factory worker Ramesh Subedi’s interview with CAN member Rishi Ram Dahal on these topics:

– Six board members, including you, have demanded that the player’s action be reversed. Was necessary

After three months, we are playing a big competition. Preserving the Level-1 we have achieved before is a big challenge. In such a situation, our level is saved or not by taking action against the player while encouraging the player to play the game. And, have players committed heinous crimes that should be prosecuted? That topic had to come up. We are not in favor of taking action against the players for keeping their dissatisfaction.

They should be like this. It worked. They have not raised their voice saying that they have done this. They have not chanted slogans against Can. They have made their demands. There is a problem in grading. That is to say, to take action against a player at once? Remove the captain vice-captain? It is called hungry stomach game without putting four players in grading. Those who are playing for the nation, by boosting their morale to save Level-1, by beating and intimidating the players, Lever One is saved?

– CAN has said that the players have violated the code of conduct. Did your words look different?

We are not in touch with the players. We are not in favor of not taking action if a player violates discipline. Disciplinary action is in everyone’s favor. Instead of correcting its shortcomings, the board attacked the players. Someone should be given a chance to clean up before taking action. Players should play, not do politics. Level One has to be saved. Reaching this place is our destination. When a player demands these things, it does not mean that he cannot make demands.

By holding a joint meeting of the players and CAN officials to remind the players, we can accomplish these things of the players. This is our status. We cannot meet these demands. Grading should be done in this way.

We are now at the end of December. Grading should be from January 2022. There should be new grading. Now, their grading time is over. Instead, let’s do the grading a month or two before the 22nd. Let’s consult the captain. How is the captain on his team? Who is injured Who has the problem? I know a lot. We asked if the captain had been consulted. Why did you say that? Because of these things, we have talked with an open mind in favor of the players.

We don’t believe in breaking discipline with players, walking against Canca. Players must abide by CAN’s discipline. Can’t go against Can. There should be action, but there is a limit to what can be done. There is method and method. That is not legal. It has been executed by making a report as if it was forced by witchcraft itself. There is a disciplinary committee. The committee has been formed without taking any action by the disciplinary committee and without any discussion in the board. Jay is the coordinator of the committee, he is the acting secretary of the association. If he has to take action, how can there be discussion? We disagreed with that. We kept a note of dissent. Let the can win, let the player win. He (Chairman Chatur Bahadur Chand) did not agree to remove all the shortcomings and move forward. He took action saying that there is a forced majority.

– Is it said that the player formed a faction and demanded 11 points from CAN by including his subordinates?

14 players have jointly signed. We can play well if you help us. We can name Nepal. How was the pressure to say we could save Level One? If it happened or was done, the player who had to sign it had to come. It has been heard that CAN officials forced the player to speak against the player by threatening him. It has been heard that pressure has been exerted from all over the world to campaign against the players.

– You are also accused of going to Pelerai under the pretext of strengthening, aren’t you?

There is no such thing as a cane. We are also a part of the can. We are also board members. When things go wrong, our opinion may be diminished. But you have to be able to say that wrong things are wrong. That is why we have raised the issue.

– Now the general assembly of CAN is coming. What to do

We have raised the issue. Where does this thing go? If the CAN majority says that a general assembly should be held without a district convention, then we will take it to the general assembly and present our case. It is not up to us to decide not to participate, to boycott, to resign. We live there We move forward by sitting down with them to bring the cans to the line, to the system.


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