Considerations about China’s coercion in opposition to Lithuania via US and EU

Washington [अमेरिका]US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has spoken by telephone with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell about China’s growing political and economic pressure on Lithuania.

In a statement, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Blinken and Borrell had emphasized the EU’s and the US’s continued solidarity with Lithuania in the face of China’s coercive treatment. On the occasion, Blinken and Borrell reaffirmed their continued commitment to work together to strengthen the United States-EU partnership and address common challenges.

He emphasized the need to coordinate efforts to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and said that any Russian military action against Ukraine would have to pay a heavy price for the Russian Federation.

The move by the People’s Republic of China against Lithuania is affecting US and European companies. “They are committed to working together to strengthen the economic side, emphasizing continued solidarity with Lithuania in the face of China’s coercive treatment.” The spokesman said.

The dispute between Lithuania and China erupted earlier this year after Lithuania withdrew from the “17 + 1” bloc in Eastern Europe. Lithuania has since expanded its diplomatic relations with Taiwan, becoming the only European country to allow Taiwan’s representative office.

As a result, China withdrew its ambassador from Vilnius last August, prompting Lithuania to do the same in September.ANI / Photo: Agency


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