Descent Prachanda, the rustic is not going to run: Maoist chief

Kathmandu, Jan. 8 CPN (Maoist Center) leader Narayan Prasad Dahal has said that the country would not function without Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’.
Talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala on Nepali Debate, a program on Nepali Radio Network (NRN), Dahal said, If he goes out for two days, it will be deserted here. Without Prachanda, the country will not work. ”
He also claimed that Prachanda had no shortage of vision to run the country. He added, “Did Prachanda become a leader at the age of 35? Is there a leader without a vision? What is Vision? Proverbs or jokes? KP Oli gathered in Narayanghat and started rioting. Did the idea get debated? In the name of debate, KP Ba or not.
He also said that the leader of the Communist Party will not be formed by force. “It simply came to our notice then. What is the proof of that? Many wanted to become leaders in this country. But there was no leader like Prachanda. Leadership alternatives need to be explored. The Communist Party is not run by astrologers. ”
Dahal also said that a line of one successor of Prachanda has been formed in the party. He added, “What KP said is not the main thing. In the past, many wanted to become leaders. It is not possible to become a leader of the Communist Party by force. We are all Prachanda’s successors. We have one hundred and one heirs. “


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