Executive needless, construction stalled: Oli

8 Dec, Birgunj. CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has accused the current government of being useless. He claimed that a government elected by the people was formed in the name of alliance by overthrowing the government working for development.

Speaking at a party entry program organized by CPN-UML District Committee Parsa in Jagarnathpur village municipality, former Prime Minister Oli said that the party should go to the polls as soon as possible.

“The government has been formed by various tricks and a useless government has been formed in the name of alliance. Which does not mean towards the people, towards development. Therefore, the development of the country has come to a standstill, imports have increased, inflation has risen, and there has been a problem in foreign exchange reserves. There is no money to go to the bank, ‘he said.

He said that there is a tendency to overthrow the government by using domestic and foreign forces as soon as it tries to move ahead in development.

“The current government has not been formed by the people. In the direct election, the Congress has been reduced to 23 seats in 165 seats. I have won Prachanda by supporting and urging him, ‘he said.

Oli said that during his tenure in the government, many bridges were built, 450 roads were built and work was started to widen the east-west highway. He said that new airfields have been constructed, fast track connecting Kathmandu with Terai and construction of north-south corridor roads have been started.

On Thursday, Oli introduced Jagarnathpur village chairman Jalim Mian to the CPN-UML.


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