Government launched Mayor Shakya and Joint Secretary Gyawali

8 Dec, Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya and Chief Administrative Officer Rajeshwar Gyawali have been directly involved in the contracting of the building by preparing an improper ‘evaluation report’ of the bids.

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority had filed a corruption case against five employees of the metropolis in a special court on December 13, saying that the construction businessmen were selected by preparing wrong documents in the evaluation report of the bids.

It is being made in Teku The conclusion of the authority that corruption took place when the administrative building was contracted Is

However, the technical evaluation report prepared by awarding the contract to the parallel construction service was verified and submitted for approval by the Administrative Officer Joint Secretary Gyawali while it was found that it was submitted by Mayor Shakya.

However, the authority to prosecute those who prepared the assessment report is silent on the verification and presentation of the report by executive officer Gyawali and Mayor Shakya.

A rare incident in the contract process of Nepal has taken place in the building being constructed by the Kathmandu Municipal Corporation. In which, on the same day the report was submitted, Administrative Officer Gyawali and Mayor Shakya presented the way to open the financial proposal.

The technical evaluation report of the contract submitted by the then acting head of the procurement department of the metropolis, Saud, was signed by Mayor Shakya after Gyawali recommended it with verification.

According to the documents obtained by online news, the acting head of the procurement department of the metropolis Bakhat Bahadur Saud had submitted the evaluation report of the contract to the chief administrative officer Gyawaliko on July 20. On the same day, the report was submitted to the mayor with his signature by the administrative officer Gyawali, stating that he would submit it for approval as received from the procurement department. Mayor Shakya immediately signed the agreement.

Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “

Public Procurement expert Suresh Pradhan says that those who prepare the report have the wrong intention but they are also responsible for approving it without correcting it. “Those who prepare the wrong kind of assessment report are guilty of it, but those who approve it are also responsible for it,” he says.

According to him, it is the responsibility to approve the evaluation only after studying the basic evidence. “Even the former prime minister who has accepted the wrong file prepared by others has a case of corruption,” said Pradhan, who is also a former secretary.

Former Secretary Pradhan says that the law on economic procedures of the government has made the same provision and it will also be included in the procurement law.

Former secretary Sharda Prasad Trital said that if the people who present from below bring JJ, it will be accepted by the higher level officials and if there is any mischief in it, then everyone will be equally responsible. “Those who make the above recommendations and those who make the final decision are the ones who are responsible for making the decision,” he said.

Former Secretary Trital said that it would be natural for the case not to proceed until the involvement of the contractor is confirmed. He said that the administrative officer could not avoid saying that he had submitted the report without knowing about the report submitted by the technical committee.

“The person who made the decision is the most responsible person. I came from below and accepted it. I can’t escape knowing what was done below,” says Trital. The mayor and chief administrative officer are also responsible for their role.

It was criticized that since the contract was called on 31st March, 2077 BS, the specification (condition) was kept in such a way as to suit the parallel construction service as much as possible.

In the tender document, a 21 meter high building was constructed and special lighting system connection experience was requested, which was a condition for awarding the contract to the parallel.

Five other companies failed technical evaluation on the ground that they did not submit documents as per the minimum conditions laid down in the contract and did not fulfill 80 percent qualification in the same type of work as per the Procurement Act.

At that time, parallel participation was included in the financial proposal as per the setting in the contract by preparing wrong assessment report. NewsHad come At that time, the administrative officer Gyawali had claimed that the contract process was carried out as per the law.

Parallel had won the contract worth Rs. 689.9 million for the construction of the building with an estimated cost of Rs. 700 million. However, other companies had signed contracts for less than Rs 200 million.

Authorities have made public the collusion in the contract, but have filed lawsuits to protect the mayor and administrative officials involved in the improper contracting process.

Authorities say bid evaluation is wrong There is no word on whether the contract given to Samantar in a planned manner should be canceled or not . Even if the current leadership of the metropolis does not stop the construction work Employees can no longer move forward Have told.

The procurement expert and former secretary says that the construction work of the building should be stopped until the Supreme Court issues an order. “If the court finds that there is a wrong intention in preparing the report, it can be re-evaluated with the approval of the bidders,” he said.


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