Lower than a month after the marriage, the bridegroom requested his spouse for a divorce, as a result of he was once surprised.

In Nepal, even the accusation of not being allowed to eat properly according to the times can be found in DeVo’s. That too on behalf of the woman. But an Egyptian man has repeatedly asked his wife for a divorce. As he could not get used to seeing his wife’s natural face, he demanded a ‘relationship’.

An Egyptian man has demanded that his one-month-old wife be divorced because he cannot see his wife without makeup.

The two met on Facebook. The woman used to post very attractive pictures on Facebook. Then the conversation started between them, the two also met. She looked attractive even in the meeting. So the man decided to marry her. The problem started the day after the wedding when he first saw his bride without makeup.

“I was shocked because she didn’t look like I did before the wedding,” the frustrated husband told a court in Heliopolis. ‘I saw her picture on Facebook. There is a difference between a face without makeup and a picture of hell. I was deceived, so I want to sever my relationship with him. ‘

“She cheated on me because she wore a lot of make-up before the wedding,” he added. “But after marriage, I saw her real face. She looks ugly.” According to Egyptian media reports, the husband filed for divorce one month after the marriage because he tried to get used to his wife’s face but failed.

‘When I woke up in the morning, I saw her, her hair was tingling, and she looked completely different from what I had seen her marry. ‘


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