Prachanda is a pacesetter who trusts the adolescence and trusts the adolescence: Suman Devkota

Kathmandu, Jan. 8 Leaders of sister organizations of the ruling CPN (Maoist Center) have said that the policy and ideology to be taken through the party’s national conference will lead the country. And, they have made it clear that there is no alternative to party president Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ now. Speaking in an exclusive interview organized by Reporters Club Nepal on the eve of the National Conference of the Maoist Center today (Thursday), Pancha Singh, Chairman of ANNISU-WU (Revolutionary), Suman Devkota, Chairman of YCL and Jagat Simkhada, Chief of Trade Unions said so.

Similarly, YCL president Suman Devkota has made it clear that the party is the party of the Maoist youth and the future of the country. He said that the Maoists have given the highest place to the youth among the existing political parties in the country. He said, “The Maoists are the only party that wants the youth and promotes the youth.”

Accusing other parties of using the youths only to carry flags and take them to the streets, he claimed that only the Maoists had given the youths a proper role in policy making. He said that the only party that could bring the youth to the center (leadership level) was the Maoists.
Looking at the three main parties in Nepal, the Maoists are the only party that can bring the youth forward. The Maoists have made appropriate arrangements for the youth in the legislature, ”said Devkota. He also said that there was a lot of such news about the UCPN (M).

He said that the current chairman is Nirvikalp Prachanda. He said, “Now Prachanda is inevitably the president. He is not only the leader of the party but also the leader of this country.” He said that now Desh Prachanda has followed his path. He said that now the country is moving in the direction where Prachanda turned his head and Prachanda has always paved the way for progress. Devkota also said that no restrictions have been imposed on those who want to come to the leadership within the party. He said that Chairman Prachanda had opened all the options.

He also said that there would be a debate on where the party has failed ideologically, politically and socially to strengthen the party. He also said that the socialist goal would not be achieved without debating the journey of socialism within the party. He said that only the party carrying the future of the country was the Maoists.

He also said that the youth will support Prachanda’s agenda as long as it is in the country. He said, “Prachanda is the leader who believes in the youth and is trusted by the youth and Prachanda is also the leader who is accepted by the youth.”


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