Protagonist Good friend Shah mentioned, “I can now not mislead others.”

Kathmandu. Actor Pal Shah is very busy. Although he is not working on a film, he seems to be very busy in music videos. During Kovid’s time, he worked on most music videos. Famous and popular hero Pal Shah said that he would not lie to others. He said this while talking about food. He also said that family members were told not to lie to each other even at home.

At the inauguration of a restaurant in the capital, he talked about eating habits. He says that you should not eat the lies of others and you should not eat sweets. In response to a question from a media person, Nayak Shah said that he cried many times during the filming due to hunger. He said that he had tears in his eyes when he was hungry due to constant work.

“In some places, I have been hungry and even shed tears during filming,” he said.

Nayak Shah also said that he was satisfied with the food he got at work. He said that he would not order any food for himself. He says that sometimes he eats food even once in 24 hours. He also said that everyone called himself Santoki as he did not complain about food


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