Rekha Shah warns to do so if anyone sings ‘Simsime Panima’ with out permission

Kathmandu. Rekha Shah, who sang the song Simsime Panima Wat about 30 years ago, made her mark. This song is all his words, music and voice. Rekha, who made her identity from that, has complained that her songs were sung by artists in public without her permission. He also warned that if anyone sings again for business purposes without his permission, it will be legal.

Rekha has given such a warning while writing a long status on social media. She wrote, “It has been 30 years since I got the gold medal by singing the song ‘Simsime Panima Jyanle Beiman Garchho Ki Zindagani Ma’ with my composer’s music (words and rhythm).”

Today, my identity has become the same song. I have copyrighted songs that have been sung on various reality shows without my permission. I did not give any response to any of the organizers to identify the talent. Now I see the brothers and sisters who have won in the same competitions earning money by singing in stage shows sung for business purposes.

I have felt that there is an unfair and hepatic tendency towards a creator and composer as he has composed a music track without my permission. Please do not use my song for such commercial purposes in the coming days. In addition, I would like to inform that if my request is used in a disregarded manner, legal action will be taken according to the copyright law and fraudulent use of someone’s property without permission.


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