Such scenes aren’t simple to seize!

Many times in the film, depending on the situation, many ‘-‘ x c-n are seen. The producers try their best to make these scenes real, to make the story better. But the easier it is to see these scenes on the screen, the harder it is to shoot them. Knowing the story behind them, you will surely be amazed at how these scenes are shot.

You have to work hard to make such a scene strong and attractive. New York-based choreographer Tricia Brooke specializes in choreography. She shows the first scene with her partner. She then teaches it to the artists. It does not make any actor feel insecure. Hollywood also has intimate choreographers. Her job is also to choreograph the show. In addition, these scenes are filmed as dance numbers or stunt sequences.

Many artists have no problem giving “no” scenes. But there are many who feel uncomfortable. Things like socks and snatch patches are used for such artists. A male actor uses his socks to hide his goo.

In the movies, women dress like landing strips. It’s called double tape or bikini bait. According to unsettled costume designer Sara Basta, actresses have to draw intimate scenes even when they are ‘mehina’.

Body doubles are used in these scenes for the actors even when the shooting is going on for a long time. An actor has been invited to shoot a scene for his upcoming TV series “Hollywood Hunk”. Sharing his experience, the actor said, “I had to do a lot of work. The shooting lasted for five to six hours. Finally, both of my knees were amputated. There were wounds. And I had to sit on my knees for many days.

Artists who talk about body doubles also talk about erexion. He said he would talk to his friends before the scene. He said, ‘I say forgive me if this happens. If not, forgive me. In such a situation, even if I have a sudden erection, I don’t have to be scared thinking that I have reached the limit of acting. And if it doesn’t, he doesn’t feel rejected. In this case, you do not have to face any difficulties.

Actress Viola Davis did this for her romantic scene in the series How to Get Away with Murder. Bridget Myer Sharp, a makeup artist who worked on the film True Blood, likes to spray tan on makeup. Bridget says, ‘If you spray tan yourself, you’ll feel like another skin. Looks like you’re wearing a lot of clothes. She also says that the dry spray “Tan” does not apply to your bed, furniture and other items.

Makeup artist Rocio Jahanbakhsh explains, ‘We can show an artist soaked in sweat in different ways. It depends on whether the director wants to give his actor a sweaty look or a sweaty look. If I want to give an oily ski look, I use Vali Saline. When it comes to the body, I use water mixed with body oil. Rossio further revealed that she also uses body gels called Ultra Sweat and Mehron Sweat & Tears.

The use of private part covers called Merkins continues in Hollywood. Makeup artist Sharp calls Merkins a ” sea wig ‘. He has fake pubic hair on many actresses. He says that his first objective is to make the artist feel comfortable. Artists smile more and more.

Prop Master Tom Cahill, who starred in the Netflix series Crazy Ax-Girlfriends, explains that his department is responsible for deciding which ones are best for a show or movie. About this, Tom said, ‘Because of the standard and practice of broadcasting, some TV channels pay attention to which toy is shown on the screen. I remember once there was a scene of such a party. In this scene, the girls had to use a lot of ‘se’ – ‘x khe’launa’. I sent photos of at least 100 different brothers, of which only 8 to 10 were used. None of them were normal looking vibrators or dildos.

When filming a scene, the actors should not be counted. But after any scene in the costume or other department, the actors are ready to be covered with bathrobes and slippers. As soon as she pulls out the ‘x c’, she falls on the table.

Also, The relationship between yoga and food – Yoga science has played a big role in relieving stress in today’s busy and competitive life. Especially in urban areas, despite the busy schedule, people are attracted to yoga.

Although the number of people involved in it has increased, due to the consumption of unbalanced food and irregular eating habits, yoga has not been able to have a positive effect on health. Just as yoga requires the right amount of time and space, one needs to focus on one’s daily diet to make it effective and to achieve positive results.

The benefits of yoga can be reaped if yoga as well as the diet related to it is followed. Adequate nutrition is also required for yoga to keep the body strong and healthy, to keep the brain clean and stress free, and to promote positive emotions. In yoga, it is important to pay attention to what kind of foods the body needs to get the required amount of nutrients easily, rather than following the existing misconceptions about eating a special type of food and avoiding a variety of foods.

It should give more priority to clean, digestible and easily consumed foods than fish, meat, sweet, greasy and spicy foods. According to the spiritual ideology, every person has sattva, raj and tam in their body which is also found in food. It is believed that the quality of the food that a person eats more is reflected in his nature.

Therefore, emphasis should be laid on nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits and milk rather than foods rich in tamogun like fish, meat and alcohol. This ideology cannot be denied from the point of view of nutrition and health. In today’s changing lifestyle, it is good to consider this spiritual ideology to reduce the nutritional health problems caused by malnutrition and unbalanced diet.

In order to control the nutritional problems seen in the present situation, yoga should be done and changes should be made in the nature of the child. About 90 percent of the health problems seen with age are caused by eating disorders, so diet should be controlled. Only then can yoga be effective. In case of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, some types of cancer, heart related diseases, gout, yoga and hullabaloo exercise should not be included in the daily diet.

Although some foods need to be controlled while arranging daily meals in yoga, there are five types of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Especially when planning meals, the inclusion of food from plant sources should be given more priority.

In case of not giving up non-vegetarian food, one can consume only a small amount of non-fat meat instead of red meat. Whole vegetable protein requirements can be met. With proper food selection and blending, quality protein can be obtained cheaply and easily.

Foods that are naturally grown without affecting the environment in any way, prepared by adopting proper cooking method, removing body growth and supporting body and brain development are defined as suitable foods for yoga. This type of food helps to keep the body healthy by easily digesting, consuming and disposing of useless substances.

Consumption of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, grains, milk and milk products is considered as acceptable food and consumption of meat and meat dishes, fried, starred and sweet foods should be controlled. According to Yoga’s dietary principles, daily food should be tasty, easy to prepare, nutritious, smooth, high-spirited or energizing.

If a normal healthy person eats one cup of grains, two cups of fresh fruits, three cups of fresh vegetables daily along with yoga, he will get the required nutrients and his body weight will be maintained and his body will be kept healthy.

Philosophy has acknowledged that daily food intake maintains a person’s health level and has a great impact on physical and mental development. It also mentions that it affects a person’s spiritual development. Therefore, special attention should be paid to food to strengthen the effect of yoga which helps to get some relief from today’s stressful life.


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