The couple did such paintings in combination, which is why the Kathmandu District Court docket issued such an order

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu District Court has remanded Ram Kumar Subedi and his wife Madhavi Subedi, the main accused in the Hinamina case, in custody for five days for investigation into the land of Lalita’s residence. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had arrested Subedi and his wife from Kathmandu-13 on Wednesday. The Bureau, which has been investigating the Baluwatar land grabbing case for a long time, has started arresting the accused.

Subedi was known as Lekhandas before 2050 BS. At the same time, Subedi had acted as a middleman to bring the land of Lalita Niwas, which was acquired by the government with compensation during the Panchayat period, in the name of a person along with the relatives of the then occupant Suvarna Shamsher. After that, the government land was brought in the name of a person in collaboration with the then land officer and they were bought cheaply and plotted.

The bureau is investigating the Subedi couple’s alleged misconduct. Earlier, the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority had filed a corruption case in a special court in connection with the land grabbing in Baluwatar.

The Subedi couple had sold the land in the name of the government by enticing the employees of the Land Revenue and Survey Office by stealing documents. The decision was taken by the Subedi couple, who were seen as the main ‘middlemen’ in the sale of the land, influencing even the then ministers and prime ministers.


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