What took place lately? Listed here are the highest 10 information

Kathmandu: Various developments have taken place in Nepal and the world today. Various developments have taken place in different fields including political, economic, social and sports.

– Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has informed that it is making various efforts for improvement as the indicators of the economy in Nepal are becoming negative.

In an interaction with economic journalists on Wednesday, the NRB said that various monetary measures have been taken to prevent liquidity crunch in the market and reduce the balance of payments deficit.

– A similar news factory has published the news that the women of Jumla have to be insecure inside the house with priority. Sunita Kami of Chandannath Municipality-1, Lalichaur is a victim of her husband and mother-in-law. She is 22 years old. Born in Tatopani village, she ran away and married Lokendra Kami of Lalichaur at the age of 17. She has a three-year-old daughter. After giving birth to a daughter from Sunita, her husband Lokendra got married for the second time to Chandannath-10 Ki Suchana Kami. A daughter has also been born from the information that she got married for the second time.

Lokendra’s eldest wife became pregnant again. Lokendra has kept him in a room. Sunita now has a three-year-old daughter with her. She is also 8 months pregnant. She has no support not only from her husband but also from her mother-in-law.

Similarly, in the 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress, 17 people have been elected from the Far West, from the Congress President to the Joint General Secretary to the Central Member.

Sher Bahadur Deuba of Dadeldhura has been elected as the Nepali Congress president from the 14th General Convention. Deuba has been re-elected as the Nepali Congress president for the second time. Badri Pandey of Bajura has won the post of joint general minister. He was earlier a central member.

– In addition to this, we have also taken up the story of Karnali, which was suppressed by ethnic discrimination. Karnali was attacked by ethnic discrimination. Differences floating like the water of a lake. Karnali is still scared of ethnic issues. Most of the people in Karnali are of higher caste than Dalits.

Lately, the Dalits of Karnali have been suffering from discrimination. Similarly, two Dalit youths of P’D Karnali have suffered. Nawaraj Vik of Jajarkot and Chandre Kami of Humla. Nawaraj Vik of Jajarkot passed away. Chandra Kami of Sarkegad Gaonpalika-1 of Humla has become a victim of ethnic discrimination without being able to heal Nawaraj’s wounds.

Chandra fell in love with Suntali Malla of Soru Gaonpalika-4 of Mugu. Both ran away and got married. However, Suntali’s relatives have broken up their love affair. Chandre and Suntali had been in love for three years.

– In addition, the Maoists have stated that they will hold their first national conference as usual. The CPN-Maoist is going to take the responsibility of lunch only to the delegates of the first national conference.

The party will take responsibility for the lunch only, instructing the delegates to make arrangements for air conditioning, food and accommodation.

– In addition, Attorney General Khamma Bahadur Khati has said that the problem seen in the court should be resolved through an all-party meeting.

His views became public when the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) staged an agitation demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra.

Speaking at a program organized in Kathmandu on Thursday on the occasion of the 71st founding day of the Office of the Attorney General, the Attorney General said that complaints were being received from the court that the service recipients were not getting service.

– Today, the issue of Ranju Darshana leaving the party was also discussed. Darshana has left the party on the third day after party coordinator Milan Pandey was sacked.

She said that she would not join any party immediately, adding that she would stay in the land of a conscious independent citizen.

– Similarly, the epidemic is spreading rapidly all over the world in recent times. Its alarming situation is seen in the UK. In the UK, the number of people infected with covid in a single day is still high.

According to the latest statistics, 1 lakh 6 thousand 122 people have been infected. Of them, 13,181 are infected with Omicron. The number of people infected with Omicron in the UK has exceeded 74,000.

– In addition, the world’s oldest claimed Chinese woman has died today. Alimihan Citi, a 135-year-old woman claimed to be the world’s oldest woman, has died. He is a native of China’s autonomous Uighur province.

According to the Publicity Department, which collects birth and death statistics in China, Siyati was born on June 25, 1889.

– Similarly, an attempt has been made to reach a consensus on the recent dispute between the Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) and the players.

CAN had decided to keep captain Gyanendra Malla, vice-captains Dipendra Singh Airy, Sompal Kami and Kamal Singh Airy out of the central contract for the first six months of 2021 and to remove the captain and vice-captain. The board meeting held on 29 December had selected Sandeep Lamichhane as the new captain.

But in recent times, after political interest and all-round pressure, both the players and CAN have tried to reach a consensus. Some groups have strongly opposed CAN, while others have argued that players should accept CAN’s action.


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