A brand new secret used to be printed inside of a couple of hours of the loss of life of the rehabilitated SSP of Nepal Police

Butwal: Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sushil Kumar Yadav was found hanging at the official residence on Friday. Chief District Officer of Rupandehi, Rishi Ram Tiwari, said that Yadav was found lying on the ground while other police personnel were having lunch.

It is learned that Yadav, who works at the Federal Police Unit Office, Bhairahawa, was taken into custody only a few days ago. A detailed investigation into the incident is underway, said Prajia Rijal. SSP Sushil Kumar Yadav is a permanent resident of Nawalparasi. He was recruited by the police at the instigation of his uncle Dhruva Bahadur Pradhan, who has been concentrating on physical exercise since childhood.

Yadav’s mother is the sister of former IGP Dhruva Bahadur Pradhan. The parents were intermarried. Yadav of Ramgram in Nawalparasi had made a separate identity while he was in the police force. He told his subordinates to pay attention to the exercise. He also used to exercise regularly.

He used to bring gym equipment with him wherever he went. He used to build gymnasiums in some places. Yadav was smiling. He had the nature to laugh and laugh. Those who knew Yadav very well could not believe him when he was found in a state of laughter.

A source close to the matter said that Yadav was worried as he was about to retire as SSP after his batch of officers became AIG and DIG.

Another piece of news has come out after his death. According to sources, the police headquarters was preparing to take action against SSP Sushil Kumar Yadav.

According to sources at the Police Headquarters, the investigation committee had recommended departmental action against 15 policemen including Yadav. The investigation committee formed under the coordination of SSP Bhim Dhakal had concluded that the police was involved in the process of releasing the accused and recommended departmental action.

Tikaram Aryal, 62, of Butwal was abducted by Tandon’s group on January 13, 2008. However, a head office source said that a written explanation was sought after it was revealed that the police had expired without investigating Tandon.

After the explanation, there was a readiness to decide on departmental action. The investigation committee had shown the involvement of 20 policemen in releasing Tandon. Five of them have retired. The probe committee has also implicated former IGP Thakur Gyawali in releasing Tandon.

The then Deputy Superintendent of Police Jagatman Shrestha, Inspector of Police Navin Chhetri, then DSP (former IGP) Thakur Prasad Gyawali, then Inspector of Police Som Bahadur Thapa and DSP Raj Kumar Baidarwar have retired. But the committee has recommended departmental action against the remaining 15. The committee had also recommended departmental action against the then DSP Sushil Kumar Yadav (now SSP).

Similarly, SP Dan Bahadur Karki, SSP Krishna Kumar Mahat, SSP Deepak Thapa, SP Dinesh Kumar Acharya, SP Dilip Ghimire, SP Mahendra Khadka and SP Mukunda Marasini were recommended for action.

Similarly, explanations were sought from DSP Pawan Kumar Bhattarai, DSP Keshav Bhattarai, DSP Dil Bahadur Malla, DSP Bhim Lal Bhattarai, DSP Pratit Singh Rathore and others.


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