Better id of State 2 is ‘Madhes’: Jitendra Sonal

Kathmandu, Jan. 9 Leader of Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LOSPA) Jitendra Sonal has said that the name of State 2 should be given as ‘Madhes’.
Speaking to Rishi Dhamala, a journalist for Nepali Debate, a program on Nepali Radio Network (NRN), Sonal said, “Our struggle with the state is based on identity. As the important issue of our struggle has been identified, the name of Province 2 should be Madhes. ”
He claimed that there was uniformity between the LSP, JSP and the Maoist center on the issue of identity. He added, “LSP, JSP and UCPN (Maoist) are in the same place on the issue of naming state 2 as Madhes state.” Because politically, as we called Madhes, we were oppressed, excluded and discriminated against. But now we have to rely on this identity. ”
Even though they do not have two-thirds of the votes, Sonal has made it clear that they are continuing their efforts. “Yes, we don’t have two-thirds of the vote,” he said. But we are trying. However, no other name has reached two-thirds. ”
Asked by journalist Dhamla why he disagreed with the names Bhojpura and Mithila, he said, “I am the people of Bhojpura area. But our greater identity is Madhes. It includes Maithili, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Magahi, Tharu etc. If you want to name the time of King Mahendra, why did you have to give such a great martyrdom? What is the reason for not forming Newa Pradesh, Kirat Pradesh, Tamu Pradesh? ”
He also pointed out that it would be more appropriate to go for a fresh mandate than keeping a purposeless Khichdi government from the center to the states. “No government has a common goal,” he said. This is just a day-to-day government. Now we have to choose the path of alternative, general election. Only a fresh mandate can solve that. “


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