Call for for instant switch of building paintings of Higher Tamakoshi Hydropower Transmission Line and Substation

Kathmandu, Jan. 9 The Upper Tamakoshi Victims’ Struggle Committee has demanded immediate transfer of the construction work of Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Transmission Line and substation being constructed by the government in Shankharapur Municipality of Kathmandu.

Speaking at a press conference at Reporters Club Nepal today (Friday), the committee accused the government of launching destructive projects in the name of development by putting 29,000 Tamang settlements in crisis.

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), which is said to be constructing the Aparatamakoshi hydropower transmission line and substation with the investment of MCC and Asian Development Bank, is moving ahead with the construction work from land tribunal to construction work through intimidation and coercion, the committee said in a statement.

The committee has stated that more than 600 households have been affected and more than 200 ropanis of land has been acquired from the project which is considered as a project of national pride by the government.

Speaking on the occasion, Upper Tamakoshi Victims Struggle Committee Coordinator Surya Tamang said He urged the government to immediately relocate the fertile land and tourist spot recommended as a zone for potato cultivation.

“For the past two years, the indigenous Tamang tribe has been constructing substations without any information, calling it a project of national pride. The locals who have taken the stand of not giving land have been intimidated and threatened to take land. As it is the road to Nagarkot and Chisapani, it is also a tourist area, ”he said.

He also lamented that the government was going to bring electric traps in densely populated areas. “We have reached out to all the concerned bodies. However, no body showed interest in meeting our demands. Instead of fulfilling the demand, the government is working to impose police administration, ”he said.

Chandra Narayan Tharu, coordinator of Saman Nepal, had expressed sorrow over the construction of substation in Dadagiri style without giving any information to the people. He also accused the government of colluding with foreign brokers.

Similarly, Shankar Limbu, an expert on international law related to indigenous peoples, said that the constitution has given the right to live with dignity to all. He also insisted on relocating the project from there.

YIL of National Liberation Movement Coordinator Phurba Lama said that work was being done to displace the Tamang slum and added that the government’s move would not be tolerated under any circumstances. He demanded immediate transfer of the substation work from the site.

Buddha Raj Tamang, coordinator of the Bagmati Command of the National Liberation Movement, said that the government was trying to displace 29,000 people.

Speaking on the occasion, local Radhesyam Chaulagari said that the government takes ownership of the daily damage caused by the construction of towers and pulling of wires. Had raised questions. He also urged all to give justice to the locals by making this issue a national issue.


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