Electrical energy provider close down because of non-receipt of wage through the operator

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9 Dec, Simkot. The entire service of Chuipug Hydropower Project has been shut down saying that the electricity operator has not received salary for a year.

The Chuipug Hydropower Project in Simkot Gaonpalika-8 Kholsi and Namkha Gaonpalika-4 Lama Kholsi has been shut down since Wednesday.

Power project operators Galjan Lama and Bharti Singh have been shutting down power supply since Wednesday after not receiving their salaries for a year.

Operator Lama said that even though they have been operating electricity since January last year, they were forced to shut down the service due to lack of service facilities and salary. .

After the power outage, 220 households in the two wards have been forced to live in darkness. It was decided to pay the operator from the money raised by the families of 90 households in Kholsigaun, 130 households in Lamakholsi and Khagalgaon. Operator Lama said that they were forced to stop the service as they were not paid in violation of the decision.

Each household has to collect Rs. 100 for salary. Lama said that they shut down the electricity service and locked it when they did not collect the amount. He said that the electricity service will be shut down indefinitely until the salary is paid.


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