Expulsion of those scholars who beat the instructor in RR campus for now not permitting dishonest

Kathmandu. Students at Ratna Rajyalakshmi Campus have been expelled from the campus for chanting ‘Ghatik Aa’, saying that they were not allowed to appear in the examination. During the internal (experimental) examination conducted in the campus, Kuver Jethara, a student studying in the second year of graduation at the same campus, entered the examination hall and attacked the supervising professor. He then attacked the professor with a steel jug.

Professor Prakash Pudasaini was injured in the incident. He had to wear six heads. In a statement issued on Thursday, Campus Chief Dr Jeevandhar Gyawali said that Jethara had been expelled from the campus and legal action had been taken against him.

After the students attacked the professor, the teachers of the campus started agitating. After the expulsion of Jethara from the campus, the agitating professors have returned to their regular work.


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