Is Priyanka Chopra about to divorce her husband?

Priyanka Chopra, an Indian national who has also won the title of Miss World, has explained the reason behind the removal of Jonas’ surname from her Instagram account.

After Priyanka removed the word Jonas from her name, the news of Priyanka and Nick Jones’ divorce spread on social media. Social media users did not stop trolling Priyanka. However, later Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra reacted by saying that it was just an unwanted rumor.

Former Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra tied the knot with American singer Nick Jonas on December 1, 2018. After marriage, Priyanka has been living in Los Angeles, USA with her husband. But now she is widely active on social media. Due to social media, she has become a lot of news. Initially, she was in the news for her upcoming Hollywood film ‘The Matrix Resurrection’, but now she is busy promoting the film.

During the promotion of ‘The Matrix Resurrection’, the actress broke her silence in an interview with the Times of India, explaining the reason behind the removal of Jonas Thar. She wanted to have the same username on Instagram and Twitter. That’s why she said in the conversation that the last name Jonas has been removed from both the handles. Priyanka said, ‘I was happy to see people discussing such a small thing so big. This is social media, man, be cool. ‘


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