Pathao introduced new facility, what’s the provision?

Kathmandu: Pathao, an alternative public transport company, has started ride-sharing insurance service. Pathao, in coordination with Everest Insurance, has started accident insurance for both riders and clients during the ride.

Asimman Singh Basnyat, Managing Director of Pathao Nepal Pvt. It is not possible to claim insurance while traveling offline without requesting a ride through the mobile app.

Up to 1 lakh accident treatment insurance for service recipients and riders (drivers) who use the services facilitated through Pathao app and up to 5 lakh insurance claim in case of death or disability due to road accident. According to Basnyat, an insurance claim of up to Rs 600,000 can be made in case of death due to accident.

In order to claim ride sharing insurance, the client has to book the ride from his / her own send account, the personal information must be correct and before starting the journey, the rider’s vehicle number and vehicle model are registered in the send app.

Similarly, the personal details of the client and rider should be correct in the send app and after the accident, both the client and the rider should immediately call 100 or 103 and report to the police.


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