Scholars in Bajura will likely be vaccinated in class from as of late

Martadi, Dec. 26: Students in Bajura have been given modern vaccine against corona at school from today. Out of 22,000 children between the ages of 12 and 17, only 16,806 will be vaccinated. Five thousand 602 children are said to be deprived of vaccination.

Senior Public Health Officer at the Health Office, Dayakrishna Pant, informed that the government has started vaccination campaign for children in different districts of the country and modern vaccination has been started in Bajura from today. He said that vaccination has been started for children in the age group of 12 to 17 years studying in basic and secondary schools of nine municipalities.

Health workers have been deployed to vaccinate students of Budhiganga, Badimalika, Budhinanda and Triveni municipalities and Khaptad Chhededaha, Himali, Gaumul, Swamikartik Khapar and Jagannath villages, said Health Office Vaccination Supervisor Mahesh Chand. Out of 22 thousand 408 children in nine municipalities, only 16 thousand 806 children will get modern vaccine for the first time.

“Only 16,000 vaccines have been made available. The rest will be given once more vaccines are available,” he said. Vaccination has been started in the schools of all the nine municipalities at the same time. For this, a vaccination center has been set up in the school. He said that the campaign was launched by setting up 134 vaccination centers in the district. Out of 2,905 people in Badimalika, 2,197 will be vaccinated. Two thousand 963 out of three thousand 738 children of Budhiganga, two thousand 672 out of three thousand 563 children of Triveni, two thousand 282 out of three thousand 42 of Budhinanda, 814 out of three thousand 217 children of Khaptad Chhededah and 953 out of one thousand 271 children of Gaumul will be vaccinated.

Similarly, 1,289 out of 1,718 children in Swamikartik Khapar, 1,130 out of 1,506 children in Himali and 926 out of 1,235 children in Jagannath will be vaccinated against the disease. The second dose should be given within 28 days after the first dose of vaccine. So far, 118,000 people in Bajura have been fully vaccinated against corona. In the first phase, 65,000 people were vaccinated and in the second phase, 53,000 people were vaccinated


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