That is Senior Superintendent of Police Yadav who was once discovered lifeless this morning

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sushil Kumar Yadav has been found dead. Chief of the Federal Unit Office, Bhairahawa, SSP Yadav was found dead in his quarters on Friday, according to the Police Headquarters.

He was found dead. No more. The incident is true, ”said Central Police Spokesperson SSP Basanta Bahadur Kunwar. The Lumbini State Police Office said that an investigation has been started into the incident as it was suspicious. A police investigation team has reached the spot. Photo: From Yadav’s Facebook

Also, The Central Statistics Office is preparing to publish the national census report at the local level for the first time. Until 2068 BS, only district level statistics reports were made public.

Director of the department, Dhundi Raj Lamichhane, informed the RSS that the local level report is being published for the first time after the state went to federal structure. The census form of 2078 BS has already come to the center from all 77 districts. He said that the data will be kept in the computer after testing and editing the received forms. The department is preparing to enter the data in the computer by mid-December.

The work will be expedited to be completed within six months of the commencement of data entry. Lamichhane said that the report will be published at the beginning of the next fiscal year after entering the data in the current fiscal year. The department is preparing to make public this year’s census report separately at central, state, district and local levels.

The enumerators had filled the form from door to door from November 11 to November 20 after the infection of Corona with the new variant spread rapidly. The census has been started in Nepal since 1968. Statistics up to the local level are about to be published 110 years after the start of the census. This is the first census since state restructuring.


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