There’s a giant secret in accusing me of ‘coverage hacking’: Antacid Minister

Kathmandu, Jan. 9 Influential CPN (Maoist Center) leader and Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said that there is a big secret behind accusing him of ‘policy hacking’.
In an exclusive interview with journalist Rishi Dhamala for the Prime Time Television program ‘People Want to Know’ aired last night, Finance Minister Sharma said, “Black Mailer has accused the Finance Minister of hacking the policy. That is the secret. But I will not open today. I do not work under any influence or pressure. Janardhan Sharma never commits treason. ”
Finance Minister Sharma also claimed that the enthusiasm shown during his tenure in the Ministry of Energy was not rusty. He added, “My passion, Jangar has no rust. My passion is the same. Now that I am in the Ministry of Finance, the economic index has not changed. It would have been the same if there had been others in my place. Maybe some people don’t like me being the finance minister. Today’s criticism is not because the finance minister is not able to work, some are selfish and some are worried. Thank you for your concern. ”
He claims that the main problem of the economy now is due to Kovid. He said, “Everything has gone wrong, it’s just an unnecessary fuss that it’s over. Dollar reserves for seven months. We also have money to buy covid vaccine, manure. Work is being done to reduce imports and solve the liquidity problem to boost the economy. The index is when it increases, when it decreases. It is like that. I don’t have the mantra to do miracles. ”

He said that the task of opening the source of property was done by the Asset Laundering Commission and the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority. He said, “Now I have been accused of disclosing undisclosed assets. My question is, does black money appear hidden or open? The task of opening the source of wealth belongs to the Asset Purification and Authority, the Ministry of Finance. We have talked about not finding resources for 15 years to increase investment. ”
Sharma also said that he had not failed as the finance minister. He added, “I have not prepared the current budget, only 2 percent of it. I am running Vishnu Poudel’s ordinance. Tomorrow, when I have made the budget, you will tell yourself successful and unsuccessful. My failure is only in party unification. I did not succeed in uniting the party for political stability. ”

“There is no leader as active as Prachanda”
He also said that the UCPN (M) and Pushpa Kamal Dahal were synonymous with radical change. Leader Sharma said, “Would the monarchy have ended without this party or if Prachanda had not led the people’s war?” If the Maoists were not ready to give rights in the constitution, would the people get it or not? He was also the one to fight against KP Oli’s regressive move. The people know that the Maoists have played a leading role politically. ”
He also said that a lot of important work was done during the Prachanda-led government. He said, “The construction of Mid-Hill Highway and end of load shedding has been done by the government under his leadership. But how many years did the Maoists stay in power? We are reviewing how many mistakes have been made in the past since the peace process came. Leaving Prachandapath was a policy error. Confusion over peace or rebellion. The party came to a screeching halt. But the country is running on the basis of the political agenda of the Maoists, but we are moving forward by learning the lessons of the past. ”
He acknowledged that the problems of the people could not be met as soon as the peace process was completed. He said, “There was a lot of confusion in the middle. Constituent Assembly elections had to be held twice. However, the people do not believe that anyone except the Maoists will do it. Not by flirting with socialism. We are discussing with the picture of change. ”
He said that Prachanda had not been able to run the government even after the Maoists became a big party. He said, “It is more than the failure to run the government. The Maoists came as a big party. It looks like Prachanda has left. But it was not easy. I have been collaborating with Prachanda since 2042 BS. He is a dynamic leader. He is a leader who can take initiative according to the situation. You can be a visionary and make big decisions. During the night, other leaders do not speak for three months, he says. Some say that it tends to fluctuate and become unstable quickly. But that is his dynamism. “
He also said that the weakness of the Maoists has kept them away from the people in a practical way. He said, “Yes, the distance with the general cadres has increased a little.” I wear a coat, but the worker doesn’t have that ability. There was no turn on the occasion. I myself have been a minister many times. After the National Conference, the Maoists spread all over the country. Now 800,000 have subscribed themselves. Now we will make 3 million cadres. People will support the Maoists if they warn that they are the guardians of change. ”
Asked by journalist Dhamla that the Maoist leadership was distancing itself from the people as it was luxurious and absorbed, Sharma said, “Why should Prachanda be absorbed? He is busy at work from 6 am to 10 pm. There is no other Maoist leader who can work as hard as him. Sometimes going on vacation for a day or two doesn’t make sense. “

“There is a debate in Mass for making me secretary general”
He also said that there is no need for others to have a headache as the Maoists have no choice. He added, “We are with him because he has no choice. The people are also together. This does not mean that we are incompetent. Now we are not looking for his alternative. We have hurt him. He should lead the ideology, we do the work of the organization. The country needs him. Why bother with that? ”
He also clarified that Prachanda’s successor will not be the same person. He said, “The successor to the Maoists is not the same person. The line of successors from ward to center is ready. 34 percent women, 20 percent youth, 15 percent dalits and 5 percent Muslims come to the center. ”
He also said that his claim was against the secretary general. He said, “I am the head of the organization department of the Maoists. My personal desire is in place. There is a debate in the month that Janardhan Sharma should be made the general secretary. If the cadres say yes, then yes, if not, then no. There are other worthy leaders like me. In any case, the current national conference is to raise the Maoist center from among the people. ”
Finance Minister Sharma said that he would not make negative comments during the discussion on MCC. But he also insisted that the alliance would not be broken because of the MCC.


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