Tiktak gained Google, Tiktak become much more fashionable than Google

The viral video app is now getting more ‘hits’ than the US search engine Google, meaning users are getting more tickets than Google. Cloudflare, a company related to information technology security, has made such details public.

In the new ‘Priority List’ of Internet websites, Tiktak removed Google from the top spot in February, March and June of this year, and Tiktak has been at number one position since August. Last year, Google topped the list, followed by Tic Tac Toe, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix.

According to CloudFlare, data is monitored using CloudFlare Radar, a device that monitors ‘traffic’ to the website. Kovid’s epidemic is thought to have contributed to the popularity of ticks.

In the case of people who have to stay at home during the woodcutting, they may have gone to Tikkat a lot while looking for entertainment. As of July this year, the Tiktak app had been downloaded more than three billion times, according to another data company, Censor Tower.

TickTock, a social networking site owned by a Chinese company called BitDance, currently has more than one billion active users worldwide, and that number is expected to grow. In China, the app is known as Dowin for complying with the country’s censorship rules and operates on another network.

Politicians and regulators outside China have raised security and privacy concerns about China’s only internationally successful app. Last year, Tiktak was forced to deny that the app was controlled by the Chinese government. BBC


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