Why did SSP Yadav die rapid?

9 Dec, Kathmandu. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) who entered the room after going to the gym in the morning. Sushilkumar Yadav When he did not come to eat till 12 o’clock in the afternoon, he went to call the cook. But the cook informed the other police saying that he was seen hanging from outside, and the information reached the District Police Office.

“The family was in Kathmandu. They told us not to open the door until they arrived,” said SP Manoj KC, chief of the District Police Office, Rupendehi.

Yadav’s home is in Ramgram Municipality-2, Nawalparasi. Police have also called a specialist doctor for forensic examination. “After a preliminary investigation, we will send the body for postmortem,” said SP KC.

Police have not yet commented on the cause of death. ‘Do you find any notes or signs after opening the door?’ Officials estimate.

Happy SSP

Yadav, along with the current Inspector General Shailesh Thapa Chhetri, had entered the open competition for the post of Inspector of Police in 2049 BS. Chhetri and others were appointed in April, 40 candidates including Yadav were included in the alternatives and were appointed in Chait.

According to a batchmate, he was an honest and decent officer. Former Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Uttam Kumar Karki also remembers him as a normal lifestyle, disciplined and sociable officer. He did not even come into controversy during his tenure.

He was going home next month from another SSP as he could not be promoted in DIG. There is a 55-year age limit for SSP in Nepal Police, due to which he was retiring on January 30. If he had been promoted to DIG, he would have been able to work in the police organization for one more year along with Bishwaraj Pokharel and Sahakul Bahadur Thapa. An official at the police headquarters, the Naxals, said:

He seemed happy inside the organization. “The batchmates always said that he would be promoted to the number one position when he was promoted, but he was never promoted,” he said.

He is also the nephew of former IGP Dhruva Bahadur Pradhan. Pradhan is now active in RPP politics. An official says, “The family background is not so bad, but he fell behind in the organization because he didn’t know how to get things done.”

What could be the reason?

At around 9 am on Friday, Yadav’s wife Rupam Kumari had written the status, “Even though it is Kali Yuga, victory is still true.” Police officials have speculated that Yadav may have been involved in a family feud and that his wife may have written the status to accompany him. “This is a topic that is being explored in detail,” says one official.

Officials working with Yadav say that Yadav’s behavior has been changing for some time now. According to an official, SSP Yadav had fainted a few days ago. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors prescribed anti-depressant drugs.

Hemant Malla Thakuri, a former DIG, said that the number of suicides in the security forces has increased. In some cases, social values, personal relationships outside the norm are also causing unpleasant incidents.

He said that the number of suicides among the employees is increasing and the organization should be aware and focus on reducing it.


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