Funny story: Temper adjustments straight away

According to comedian Manoj Gajurel, a person’s ‘repulsive mind’ can make new jokes. This quality can make everyone laugh while talking or twisting any event.

Laughter is also mentioned in the chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It is said in verse 65 of the second chapter of the Gita: Prasannachetaso hriyashu buddhi: paryavatishtate. ‘

That is, sorrow does not last long in the life of a happy person. Such a person can easily overcome adversity.

According to writer and satirist Ram Kumar Pandey, laughter is a subject associated with human civilization. He says that people make jokes and pieces to make what is happening more special or memorable.

“Satire, cartoons and caricatures have evolved from the joke tradition,” says Pandey. That’s why it’s called satire for convenience. ‘

Writer Shekhar Kharel says that in a society that is more informal, humor flourishes. He writes, ‘South Asian humor is much higher than European. Personally speaking, we can see a lot of humor in some of our politicians, writers and scholars. ‘

In the past, jokes used to be told at social gatherings are now appearing on social media. Jokes like trolls, mimes, etc. are the most talked about on social media. Newspapers also include cartoons and jokes.

Artist Manoj Gajurel says that jokes have been used for humor in Nepali society for hundreds of years. Gajurel, who jokes not only on stage but also with family and friends, considers the tradition of jokes to be rich.

Gajurel says, “It is a joke if something is done that makes you laugh, or if something is performed.” This is the basic principle of comedy. ‘

“Jokes, stories, voices are bad, but singing, dancing and making everyone laugh makes antibodies in the body,” says Dr. Namrata Pandey. “The effect of laughter is faster than vaccination. It activates energy and brain cells in the body. ‘

Jokes inside the screen: outside the screen

Rajesh Hamal has been seen more in the role of hero in the film. He is seen on screen as a person with a strong body and convincing to the enemy.

But in the society, new jokes are being made about Rajesh Hamal every day. Hamal has accepted this in a humorous way. In stage shows and interviews, Hamal himself is telling jokes about himself.

Here, former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is telling jokes along with proverbs in every one of his speeches. Jokes have been told many times by Oli that monkeys have been the king of the forest since the frog’s belly burst.

Famous Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar is one of the most humorous artists in real life. Singer Udit Narayan Jha has revealed that he seems to be able to tell jokes to people close to Lata Ano, even though he seems to be less talkative.

Udit, who was present in Kapil Sharma’s show, told an interesting story related to Lata in the program.

India’s famous writer Khushwant Singh is also considered to be a person who can make fun of himself. He used to make fun of himself and his own caste. He used to write satire through popular comedians ‘Shanta and Banta’.

Artist Manoj Gajurel has tweeted that although many jokes of Jhapali and Sangjali were made once, the origin of Jhapali-Sangjali jokes is not known. Gajurel writes, ‘I have many Jhapali, Sangjali friends who are not at all’ joking ‘. There are only jokes like that. ‘

Science says: Laughter is beneficial

Laughter and laughter are not only related to humor. Dr. According to Namrata Pandey, laughter and health are directly related. She says that even medical research considers humor to be a factor in a healthy body.

“Jokes, stories, bad voices, but singing, dancing and making everyone laugh makes antibodies in the body,” she says. “The effect of laughter is faster than vaccination.” It activates energy and brain cells in the body. ‘

According to Jeffrey Hale, a professor at the University of Kansas in the United States, laughter strengthens the human bond and establishes a sense of security in the relationship. He says, “When you share laughter and happiness with your partner, the romantic attraction between each other also increases.”

The University of Kansas’ journal Personal Relationships has found that a couple who laughs with pure emotion can have a lasting relationship.

Here, in the definition of modern science, laughter is called ‘gelatology’. In the science of gelatology, which studies the effects of laughter on the body and mind, there is a fact that laughter creates positive energy in human cells.

Such eloquent speakers can enchant the audience with effective speech, old proverbs, or jokes. When they are talking or speaking, they make their gestures or expressions interesting and intricate and leave a clear impression on the other person.

Artist Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budha) says that it becomes a joke when Tedo-Tedo starts talking. That is to say, it is a joke to strike at the heart of another person with something strange, interesting, contrary to what is happening. Within it, satire, harassment, insults, urges are all artistically hidden.

Ghimire says, ‘Jokes that were previously researched and copied and pasted were more popular in the society. Nowadays, when writing stand-up comedy and screenplay, it is a formula to make new jokes. Training is also given to make jokes by practicing. ‘

However, Ghimire emphasizes that humor depends on the nature of the individual. He is of the opinion that those who tell jokes to blow others should have the courage to blow themselves up.


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