Greater than 9,000 new electorate had been added in Chitwan

10 Dec, Chitwan. Voter registration has been intensified in the district. Nine thousand 766 people have so far registered their names in the voter list under the special program 2078 conducted by the District Election Office, Chitwan.

According to Bhimsen Karki, chief of the office, 4,445 women and 5,221 men have so far registered their names in the voters’ roll under the special campaign launched on November 30.

In the first phase of the campaign, 3,542 people have registered in Madi, Kalika Municipality and Ichchakamana Municipality. He informed that 1,788 people have registered in Rapti, Khairhani and Ratnanagar in the second phase of the campaign.

According to him, 1,551 people including 712 women have registered in Madi municipality, 1,377 people including 662 women in Kalika municipality and 614 people including 315 women in Ichchakamana village municipality.

In the second phase, 769 people including 364 women have registered in Rapti municipality, 537 people including 256 women in Khairhani municipality and 482 people including 248 women in Ratnanagar municipality. Under the second phase, voter list compilation will be conducted till December 3.

A total of 1,039 people have registered their names during the campaign at the District Administration Office, Chitwan. Of them, 474 are women and 565 are men. Two thousand 613 people have registered their names in the District Election Office. Of them, 1,381 are males and 1,232 are females, according to the office.

During the campaign, 572 people have come to Chitwan from other districts to collect voter list. In the second phase of the campaign, one registration site each has been set up at the place where the office of the municipality is located.

Karki informed that the voter list compilation work has been intensified by setting up three registration offices at the District Election Office and one at the District Administration Office. According to the office, 380,558 people had registered their names in the voters’ roll in the district before the campaign started.

There were three lakh 68 thousand 382 voters in the district when the election date was fixed on January 20, 2077 BS. Those who have crossed the age of 18 by registering their names in the list. There were 354,036 voters in the House of Representatives election held in 2074 BS. According to Karki, political parties have started showing interest in collecting names in the voters’ list.

He said, “Political parties are working to bring the voter registration form in the voter list and bring the voters by filling the form.” He informed that necessary documents such as full citizenship, immigration certificate and marriage registration have been required to register the names in the voters’ roll. There are three constituencies in Chitwan.


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