Nationwide sports activities video games proposed in 11 districts of Gandaki

-Krishna Dawadi Kaski, Dec. 26: The ninth national sports competition scheduled for the last week of March last year could not be held on time due to the corona virus epidemic.

Gandaki is responsible for organizing the ninth edition of the National Games, which is held every two years. After the conclusion of the eighth national games held in Lumbini province in April 2076 BS, the ninth responsibility was given to Gandaki but the corona became an obstacle to complete it on the scheduled date.

The National Sports Council (NSC) is planning to hold the National Games this year, which was stopped last year. The government plans to hold the competition in April / May. Gandaki Pradesh, which has been given the responsibility of organizing the competition, has started some preparations including selection of playgrounds, infrastructure monitoring and training. A total of 35 games will be played in the national sports competition. It has been proposed to include folk dance and folk dance in the national sports from this year.

The Western Regional Sports Development Committee has sent a proposal to Rakhep to conduct at least one game in all 11 districts of Gandaki. Laxman Yogi, head of the office of the Western Regional Sports Development Committee, said that a proposal has been sent to all the districts to make the competition lively and inclusive even though it will be held at Pokhara Stadium as most of the sports infrastructure and state capital.

He said that the stadiums have been fixed in all the 11 districts keeping in view the attraction of the players towards the game and the increasing pressure of the players in the district. The men’s and women’s sports including men’s football, athletics, boxing, weightlifting, volleyball, badminton, usu, handball, hockey, squash and shooting are planned to be played in Pokhara.

Similarly, gymnastics, tennis, soft tennis, cricket, cycling, archery, swimming, golf, fitness, paragliding and men’s and women’s triathlon are offered in Pokhara. Women’s Football Syangja’s Waling, Taekwondo (Men / Women) Baglung, Karate (Women / Men) Lamjung, Table Tennis (Men / Women) Mustang, Kawaddi, Wrestling and Khokho (Women / Men) Nawalpur and Judo and Sepaktakro (Women / Men) Gorkha There are plans to play.

Similarly, basketball (men / women), Buddhichal (men / women), Manang, ITF Taekwondo (men / women), Myagdi, full contact karate (men / women), Syangja and fencing (men / women) in the mountains have been proposed and sent to Rakhep. . It is planned to hold a folk rehearsal and folk dance competition in Pokhara from this year.

“We have sent the proposal considering the condition of sports infrastructure and the attraction of sports in the district concerned,” said Yogi, the head of the office.

Infrastructure other than shooting, swimming pool and hockey is being prepared in Pokhara for the national games. It is said that Rakhep has started the construction process for the shooting and swimming pool. A budget of Rs. 160 million has been allocated from Rakhep in the current fiscal year for the construction of sports infrastructure required for the national sports. Aiming at the ninth, various sports associations have started training and practice of players in Pokhara. Training for the main game has started. Corona has started to return to the rhythm of sports as the stopped sports activities are becoming regular.

The Provincial Sports Council has also allocated Rs. 5 million for the provision of sports materials to sports associations targeting national sports. Dhwaj Kumar Gurung, vice-chairman of the council, informed that necessary sports materials would be provided after the date of the games is fixed. Similarly, the state government has also allocated Rs. 20 million for the construction of sports infrastructure.रासस / File photo


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