Prachanda put a brand new proposal in his personal birthday celebration

Kathmandu: It has been proposed to increase the number of office bearers to 15 in the CPN-Maoist Center.

At present, according to the constitution, there will be only five office bearers including the chairperson, vice-chairperson, general secretary, secretary and treasurer. But Chairman Prachanda has proposed to make 15 office bearers in the meeting.

A member of the UCPN (M) ‘s standing committee said that despite the proposal to increase the number of posts, it has not been decided yet who will be in which posts except the chairperson. According to him, further discussions will be held in tomorrow’s meeting. The Maoists are holding a national conference in Kathmandu from January 25.

The current Interim Legislature provides for only one chairperson, one vice-chairperson, one secretary general, one deputy secretary general and one secretary. However, as the number of office bearers in the lower level committees has been increased, a Legislative Amendment Committee has been formed at the center.

Prachanda proposed to form a 15-member office-bearers while the committee was debating whether it would be 11 or 13 at the center as it has five members in wards, seven in municipalities and nine in states. Standing committee member Haribol Gajurel informed that the number of members will be discussed in the meeting on Saturday.

The UCPN (Maoist) is holding a national conference in Kathmandu on Sunday to elect a new leadership.


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