Purchasing and promoting faith is a stigma: CB Gahatraj

Kathmandu, Jan. 10 CB Gahatraj, president of the National Christian Federation, said that buying and selling religion was a disgrace.
Speaking to Rishi Dhamala, a journalist for Nepali Debate, a program on Nepali Radio Network (NRN), Chairman Gahatraj said, Religion is not changing. Like, become a Christian, don’t like, don’t become. Money does not make a Christian, nor does it make a Christian. This is a stigma. Religion cannot be bought and sold with money. We respect the faith of others, we love our own faith. ”
Asked why he did not take advantage of poverty and illiteracy, Dhamla said, “Why are you making such allegations? Religious freedom is a constitutional right. You can change your religion according to the constitution. It is an accusation of insulting and suppressing religious harmony. Did you run another radio while running Nepali radio network? No one should do anything to provoke religious harmony. We are ready to debate one by one the allegations against us. ”
He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. He added, “Some people may be confused. The Nepali Christian community wants social harmony. So he is praying for peace and harmony. We must work together to make the country prosperous. ”
Gahat Raj has remarked that the government has recognized Christmas as a national holiday by giving leave on the birthday of the Savior Jesus Christ. He said, “It is not a matter of bar, it is a matter of how the government of Nepal has taken it. We are excited and happy to be recognized as a national holiday. This jubilation is being celebrated in more than 15,000 churches today. We are also exchanging good wishes and celebrating the inauguration by President Bidyadevi Bhandari at the meeting hall of Kamaladi-based Nepal Pragya Pratisthan. We have invited all Nepalis. ”


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