When a tender guy who were given married after 2 years of affection met in this type of scenario

After fleeing against the consent of the family rather than not getting married, the family of the angry girl rushed the young man to the hospital. It is alleged that the accused had fled to the Sagarpur area after cutting the private part of the youth. Police learned of the incident on Wednesday night with the help of a man. The youth has been admitted to Saptar Jung Hospital. Where his condition is critical. Police have registered a case regarding the incident. Police are interrogating some of the accused in Hira.

According to the police, the victim lives with his family in Raghuvirnagar. He had a love affair with a 20-year-old girl from Sagarpur for about two years. They both tried to persuade the family members to marry but they refused. On December 21, the young men and women fled to Jaipur. Where both were married in the temple. The couple arrived in Delhi on December 22 after the marriage and settled in the Rajouri Garden area.

The girl’s family found out about this. After reaching Rajouri Garden, the girl’s family took them to Sagarpur. It is said that the young man was beaten up there. Then the young man was taken to another place and his part was cut off. After that, the young man was thrown into the jungle of Sagarpur.

According to the information, Sagarpur police post got information about the incident with the help of a person. Police have admitted the injured youth to Safdarjung Hospital. While interrogating the victim, it was revealed that her family had taken her under control from Rajouri Garden. The incident was reported to Rajouri Garden Police Station. Police have registered a case after questioning the youth. Police said that the statement of the girl was also taken. Further investigation is underway with some of the accused persons in custody.


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