Who would be the new James Bond?

Kathmandu: After 16 years of starring in five films and a dubious Pink Tux, Daniel Craig’s ‘James Bond’ term ended in early 2021. Daniel gave the audience some of the best films of his ‘James Bond’ career. That’s why it’s so challenging for the new James Bond to follow in Daniel’s footsteps.

This is a very important casting decision. It has become imperative to choose the right actor to collect huge amount of revenue at the box office.

“The new Bond should not only be dressed in a suit on the red carpet, he should be a movie star, film and series ambassador, media diplomat, anointed son of British culture and the face of a billion dollar ecosystem,” said Mark O., author of Catching Bullets: Memories of a Bond Fan. Connell says, ‘He is instantly recognizable in all corners of the world as James Bond. He should be able to look good, hold the camera and dominate the screen in the shape of a football pitch. ‘

For some years now, many actors have been in the spotlight as Bond candidates. Producer Barbara Broccoli said in an interview a year ago, “James Bond can be of any color, but he is a man.”

Actor Tom Hardy is ahead of James Bond’s claimant. He has acted in films like ‘Legend’ and ‘Mad Max: Free Road’. His acting in these films also shows how capable he is to become a Bond. ‘I want to act in a bond with Christopher Nolan. It will be amazing in itself ‘, he said.

Another possible face is 49-year-old Idris Elba. The role of Stringer Bell in ‘The Wire’ made him extremely popular. But her age is considered a potential barrier to acting. Who wanted to take a concrete role for a decade. In a 2016 program, he said, ‘Cars, women, martins. Who wants to do that? It sounds scary. ‘ He admitted that he was too old to take advantage of this in the Bond film.

Bridgeton star Reggie-Jean Page, who is walking at the age of 33, is not a bad future for Bond. He was auditioning for 2007 when he stepped on the red carpet this year.

Game of Thrones star Richard Madden is also in the running to become James Bond. He is an actor who appeared in the BBC drama ‘Bodyguard’. ‘McMafia’ star James Norton is also in the running to become a Bond.

Fifty Shades of Gray Irish actor Jamie Dornen is also out of the race to become a Bond. Clive Standen of the television series “Taken”, “Crazy Rich Asians” star Henry Golding, and “Superman” actor Henry Kevil have also been named as possible new James Bond.


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