After receiving the criticism from the authority, Dhurmus-Suntali got here up with such explanation (with the discharge).

Kathmandu: After receiving complaints of irregularities in the construction of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium in Chitwan’s Bharatpur, the Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation has said that it will make public the details of the expenditure in a day or two.

A complaint has been filed against Sitaram Kattel Dhurmus and Kunjana Ghimire Suntali of the Foundation alleging financial irregularities in the Commission to investigate misuse of authority.

After receiving a complaint against him, he issued a clarification from the foundation on Monday.

With regard to economic progress, we would like to state that the entire expenditure audit is being done by the Foundation from day one to mid-January 2018 and its report will be available in the Foundation today. The actual income and expenditure of the project will be made public after the report is submitted and finalized to the concerned parties, the release said.

Here’s the explanation:

It is well known that the construction of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium was started three years back in collaboration with Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation and Bharatpur Municipal Corporation for the development of cricket and overall sports arena as a project of national pride. The work was initiated by signing an agreement on 3 January 2008 from the National Assembly House, Kathmandu in the presence of the then Prime Minister and top leaders of various parties as well as national personalities from various disciplines.

Despite the Corona epidemic and many ups and downs, the construction work of the stadium is progressing continuously, but the resource management aspect is becoming more and more challenging. Did not get the expected public support. As construction material could not be provided for the last five months and dues of various companies were rising, the construction work under the structure was finally forced to be postponed.

For its proper solution, the Foundation has repeatedly discussed with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Finance and Bharatpur Municipal Corporation and submitted a request letter to Bharatpur Municipal Corporation on 20 December. Earlier, Bharatpur Municipal Corporation had written a letter to the Foundation on 7 November 2078 BS.

After the last 2 December decision, the Bharatpur Municipal Corporation has started evaluation of both the reports and submitted a preliminary report on the physical progress. Further evaluation is being done to complete the same. Regarding the economic progress, would like to inform that the audit of all expenses from the foundation till the middle of January 2018 is being done vigorously and its report will be available in the foundation today. The actual income and expenditure of the project will be made public after the report is submitted and finalised.

The construction of the stadium has reached this stage due to the collaborative minds supporting the project at home and abroad. We can’t even imagine the misuse of money received from cooperative minds. We would like to assure everyone that there is no scope for any malpractices or malpractices in the project.

As the government appraisal is currently underway and the project has not been formally awarded, we will make all the details public after the completion of the handover process. For now, we have proceeded with the evaluation.

We are deeply concerned and saddened by the news, commentary and other activities recently published / broadcast in a misleading manner without understanding the reality of the project. We wholeheartedly appeal to you and request you to hold off on fictitious allegations and like this project until all financial details are made public.


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