After the affection affair broke up, did the woman go away the younger guy by means of ruining his existence?

agency. A young woman is trying to seduce her ex-boyfriend. He created not one but three fake Instagram accounts. The girl threatened by sending a fake message. He accused the ex-girlfriend of sending the message. The youth even accused him of trying to escape by luring her.

The incident took place in Liverpool, UK. Courtney Unsworth, 20, and Louise Jali, 22, were jailed last year. After the argument, Kourtney dropped the net. But even after the breakup, Courtney did not let Jolie sit still.

He made a huge trap and ruined Jolie’s life. Kourtney accused Jolie of sending threatening messages from those fake accounts. He had also lodged a complaint with the police. After that Jolie lost six times in this episode. He was questioned repeatedly.

But he denied the allegations. After the hearing in the court, the fake accounts were investigated. It also took a long time. But in the end, Courtney was found guilty. The court sentenced Jolie to 10 months in prison for falsely accusing Jolie.

Her new boyfriend was also involved in the incident. This incident has had a devastating effect on Jolie’s mental state. He has also lost his job and spent time in prison for no fault of his. He is very disappointed.

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