Commentary of a 14 12 months previous woman in Nepal: My trainer advised me.

Khotang: Teachers have been arrested for child abuse in Khotang. Kishore Pokharel, 31, of Ravbensi Gaonpalika-2 Kharpa, has been arrested for forcibly impregnating a 14-year-old girl.

Pokharel, working in language basic school Kharpa, has been arrested by Rampur Tho ‘Kasila’ area police office, Udaipur and handed over to District Police Office Khotang.

According to Inspector Sagar Shah of District Police Office Khotang, the accused teacher has been arrested on the basis of a complaint lodged by the victim’s father last Thursday. According to family members, the girl was 20 weeks pregnant during the medical examination.

Teacher Pokharel has been accused of repeatedly raping the girl for nine years. Inspector Shah said that the district court has sent him to further custody for seven days on Sunday.

Also: ‘Old Village’ in Ozeli

On reaching the top of the chisel, the ‘Old Village’ is reached. The old village sparkling with nature is now uninhabited. Earlier there used to be a settlement of the paudel chieftain. Later, he fell down leaving the bag. Even after the settlement was gone, the identity of the ‘old village’ could not be erased. The same name is still prevalent today. Along with the magnificence of nature, the old village also has a different importance from the point of view of history and culture. The residents of Jamini Municipality-8 Chishti consider it a big asset of the ward. They raise the issue of linking the old village with tourism and infrastructure development schemes from time to time.

Kewai’s Dil Bahadur Shree portrayed the old village as a splendor that could not be recognized. He cited history as saying, “During the reign of Bhure, Takure, the kingdom was ruled from here. At that time, it was attached to the state of Galkot.”

According to Sri, farmers grew crops, raised livestock and lived in herds on islands and grasslands. Structures like formerly built ponds, chauparis and temples can still be seen in the forest today. According to the villagers, people had fled from the pond after drinking cholera during the rainy season.

The old village is situated in a beautiful forest with dense forest and smooth meadows. Even today the lower villages go there for firewood and sheep grazing. Although the entire area is called the old village, there are small islands, Deurali and Kharka. Sris said that it is spread over 7,000 plantations.

“Sometimes there is talk of building an airport,” he said. “There is room for a university or industrial area based on agriculture or forest.” Earlier agriculture was done in the same place where now there are forests and plains.

That’s where the man lived. A local Padam Bahadur Pun said that the state can make many uses of this place if it wants. He said that by developing the village as a tourist destination, economic activities would increase in the village and the standard of living of the people would be high. Infrastructure needs to be created to attract tourists. Despite the construction of the road this year with the participation of the people at the local level, this area is deprived of other facilities. He said that the old village should be provided with basic facilities including drinking water and electricity.

The old village can be climbed after traveling 4 km from any village. You can easily reach there on foot. According to Pun, the old village is also considered holy from the point of view of religious beliefs. Every year in Saun and Bhadau a special puja is held in the temple of Baraju.

Even though it is a temple worshiped by Poudel, the cultural beliefs of the local tribal community are also associated there. It is customary to open Kheer at home after all the villagers reach there and offer Kheer. The descendants of Poudel also reach the old village for worship from places like Baleva and Sarkuwal.

The breathtaking view of nature is another attraction there. One can observe the life of the people including the beautiful hilly terrain and mountain range from the old village. It is home to rare wildlife and bird habitats. The name of the old village also comes down to the herbs.

Ward President Vijay Sharma Adhikari said that the town and the ward have focused on the overall development of the old village. “The old village has also been included in the town’s tourism development plan. Work is progressing through DPR.

The Ward President said that since the time of construction of the road, the ward has been cooperating in pavement, pond, temple protection and other works. He said that there are plans to build tourist infrastructure like ‘view tower’, a forest picnic spot. Despite the initiative to set up an all-party committee for the all-round development of the old village, the dispute over who will lead it has not been resolved.

Even today no organization / committee is active for the development of the place. Due to which the old village has lagged behind in development. State bodies have also not been able to pay special attention. There is an old village at a distance of 17 km from the Kaligandaki corridor connecting Nepal to the north and south. Once there, you can visit the other destinations of Handikote, Thanthap Mai, Belbagar and Serofero.

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