Nurse at the verge of loss of life was once final observed the usage of leftover drugs

Viagra has revived a nurse in Britain who died of an infection. 37-year-old nurse Monica Almeida remained in a coma for 28 days after being infected. He was treated at VAG after health workers failed to save him. She is fine after giving Viagra.

“I laughed and joked when the doctor told me that VAGs are used as medicine,” she said. But he did say that he has actually given a lot of Viagra doses.

Monica contracted a covid infection while working at a health center in Lincolnshire. She became infected with COVID in October and on the fourth day of infection, she did not taste or smell food and coughed up blood.

Monica, who went to the hospital the next day after the oxygen level in the body dropped, was discharged without any treatment. But within two hours of returning home from the hospital, he started having trouble breathing and was taken to Lincoln County Hospital, where he was moved to an oxygen room.

Health workers worked hard to bring the oxygen level back to normal in Monica’s body. But as his condition worsened, he was kept in the ICU. She fainted on 16 November as her condition worsened.

After Monica faints, her parents are asked to come to England from Portugal for a final farewell. Meanwhile, the doctor treating her decided to use unnatural remedies as her chances of survival were waning. In the process, he was treated with VAG to boost his immunity.

After undergoing treatment with Viagra, Monica’s condition improved and she regained consciousness on 14 December. He was then allowed to go home the day before Christmas. It has already been made public that after using VAGRA, the blood vessels of the body are cleaned and the respiratory tract is opened and it can be used in the potential treatment of covid infection.

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