The sports activities sector may be suffering from the danger of an infection of Kovid-19.

– Narayan Newpane, Kathmandu, 4 December. There are indications that the threat of Kovid-19 infection will affect the development and expansion of the sports sector like other sports in the country. While co-production, training and practice, infrastructure building and competition are essential conditions for the development of the sports sector, all these activities have become sluggish and affected due to the corona infection.

Dr. Damodar Regmi, Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, said that although there are many programs in the field of sports, but due to corona infection, there is a challenge to start, move forward and complete some. He said, “Infrastructure is an important issue for the development of the sports sector. Due to the situation arising out of Corona, the project will remain incomplete, the allocated budget will be frozen and the cost will increase if it is not completed on time.

If the construction of infrastructure is not completed on time, there will be obstacles in the development of the sports sector. Players need space to practice along with production. Without infrastructure, the player’s potential does not increase. A budget of Rs 1.52 billion has been allocated for infrastructure programs for the development of the country’s sports sector. Since last year the government is implementing the concept of ‘One Municipality, One Playground’. The program has been expanded to 144 municipalities in the country. The ministry has decided to take the program to at least 168 local levels within this year. A budget of Rs 25 crore has been allocated for this program in the current financial year 2078/79.

The creation and up-gradation of well equipped sports infrastructure has been continued at the local, state and national level. It was announced through the budget that sports infrastructure would be developed, sports competitions and training would be organized and the nation in international arena by developing and expanding the sport and preparing physically and mentally talented sportspersons from the community. will be encouraged to enhance the respect of Healthy, capable and disciplined citizens.

Nepal has the potential to win medals in 25 to 30 sports in international sporting events. About 200 thematic sports federations are active in the development and expansion of the sports sector in the country. Such associations have been organizing sports competitions in the country from time to time and have been creating an environment for capacity building of the players.

Considering the threat of Kovid-19 infection in the country, it looks like competition within the country may decrease in the near future. Lack of competition can impair the ability of players to compete. While preparations are going on for the ninth national sports competition in Pokhara, it is not possible to announce the date amid the Corona terror. If the competition fails, our performance in the Asian Games to be held in September next year will not be as expected.

Games will have to be organized at the national, state and district levels before the tournament, but the current situation in Corona indicates that the tournament will be strange. The school is closed due to production of players due to Kovid-19. Corona has emphasized on the identification, promotion and production of players in coordination with educational institutions. Sports as a strong means of promoting national integration imparts knowledge to the youth to be disciplined, responsible, punctual and result in groups.

Secretary Dr. Regmi says, “The sports sector cannot develop unless the field of player production, practice and competition is developed in the country. With the production of players, the need for training grounds and competitions, the responsibility now lies in increasing the competition. However, the government is going ahead with building infrastructure as per the national capacity.

The Ministry has been assisting in promotion of good governance and selection of office bearers in the Departmental Sports Federation through democratic method. The Ministry has been coordinating and facilitating the production, practice and infrastructure creation of sportspersons by prioritizing them. The ministry has been warning players and coaches in recent days to curb the use of banned drugs (anti-doping) in the sports arena.

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