What took place to actress Shweta Khadka?

As the transition to the new variant Omicron has increased in Nepal, artists are also falling prey to it. Meanwhile, actress and ‘business woman’ Shweta Khadka has been confirmed to be infected. He told that on Tuesday his report came positive through the social network Facebook. He urged everyone to be alert and safe.

Shweta, who started her acting career with the film ‘Kahan Bhetiala’, has previously worked in the film ‘Shriman Shrimati Kohinoor, Hansi Deu Ek Pher’. She came to the audience three years ago with her own investment film ‘Kaanchi’. She is again preparing to make a new film with her investment. She is also known to have signed a film with director Yam Thapa.

Actress Khadka, who married Vijender Singh Rawat for the second time in December last year, has also started various businesses. They have opened outlets at various places in the capital Himalayan Java (coffee shop). She also launched ‘Ultimodel’ online shopping during the pandemic. He has also invested in hotels, construction and other sectors. file photo


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