Daughter left the rustic after father was once killed by means of Taliban and as of late she has turn out to be a celeb footballer and physician

The defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan last year brought many painful tales to the fore. He imposed many restrictions on women. His game was also banned. In a way, only women were prosecuted. Under Taliban rule, business women were afraid to leave their homes. Several videos surfaced in which he lodged his protest. Today we are going to tell you the story of a woman. She fled to Afghanistan, then continued her education and became proficient in sports.

The woman we are talking about today is Nadia Nadeem. In 2000, she fled Afghanistan to Denmark. It happened that his father became a victim of Talibani terror. He killed his father. My father was a general in the army. After that she fled to Denmark.

star footballer today

Nadia is the star footballer of Denmark today. He was born on 2 January 1988 in Herat, Afghanistan. She was living here with her parents and four sisters. When his father was killed in a Taliban attack, there were only six women left in his family without a man, so his country was not safe for him. Therefore, he had to leave the country and live in Denmark.

now she has become a doctor

Nadia was only 11 years old when she left her country. After coming to Denmark, his interest in football grew and he started playing diligently. He played many games and showed the world that no Taliban can take away a footballer from within. Now the news has come out that he has also become a doctor. He shared it with his followers.

then there are 200,000 people

Nadia has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. She shares her story and things related to sports with people. She inspires people, especially women, to do something good and different.

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