Dying used to be status in entrance, however this woman used to be taking a smiling selfie, see what came about within the viral video?

What do you do when you know death is ahead? Maybe we find a way to save lives or maybe both the heart and the brain stop working. But a carefree Canadian woman was still smiling and taking selfies. He was surrounded by a crowd of people, shouting for his life and rescuers trying to save his life.

The incident is from Canada, where a woman’s car got stuck in a frozen river. The car was slowly coming in. People standing around raised the alarm and rescue and rescue teams immediately arrived, but the woman stood on top of the car and started taking selfies. After a lot of effort, the rescue team pulled the woman out, but there was no fear of death on her face, there was no remorse for her action.

People criticized his action. Along with this, he is also being trolled on social media. The incident took place on the Rideau River in Ottawa, Canada. It is freezing cold and snowing in Canada these days. According to Canadian police officials, the incident happened at 4.30 pm on Sunday. The car slid in the snow and reached the river and slowly started going down. Instead of helping the rescue team, the woman climbed onto the roof of the car and started taking selfies.

According to the police officer, due to its weight, the car fell backwards and the local people threw it out of a small boat and rope. Police officials said that the woman was able to come out of the river as the local people helped her a lot after the team arrived. When the woman came out, the car was completely submerged in the river, which was later pulled out.

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